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  Company Profile
Ceo's Note
Corporate Culture
Corporate culture is the soul of the enterprise in the production practice of a spirit and cohesion, the entire staff is the common values and code of conduct. New Haven since the creation of the company since the focus on enterprise reform and development of the overall situation, increasing the building of enterprise culture, and educating people to text, text-to heart-to-text to text tree, provided the spirit of enterprise development Driving force and intellectual support.
New Haven companies basic profiles
Jiangsu New Haven Textile Co., Ltd. formerly known as the Dafeng City Pier weaving factory, in October 1995 restructuring the establishment of Dafeng City air spinning factory, established in 2003 in Jiangsu Jinfeng Textile Co., Ltd., Dafeng City in Jiangsu air spinning plant and New Haven Textile Co., Ltd. to use two names. Enterprise employees 480 people, the total assets of 81.16 million yuan, covering 100 mu, administered two-spinning workshop, a ring spinning workshop, to take a stand, a ginning plant, a Jinglao Yuan. Major producers 6 S-40S various specifications of the "New Haven" brand cotton yarn.
After 10 years of market temper, New Haven company has made considerable development, enterprises have access to the harmony of textile enterprises in Jiangsu Province, Yancheng integrity of the quality of enterprises, AAA credit rating companies, Yancheng contract and keeping promises enterprises, Yancheng civilized units, such as honor Title. Yao Ming Cheung, chairman of Yancheng has won the May 1 Labor Medal, Yancheng outstanding entrepreneurs, the four owners, such as recognition of good. 2006, 118 million yuan output value of a business and realize profits and taxes 8.6 million yuan, ranking the same industry Dafeng City upstream level.
Building corporate culture
First, organizational system construction
New Haven company set up a leading group for the building of enterprise culture, from Yao Ming, chairman of Cheung personally concurrently head of the leading group under the Office of staff for a clear corporate culture-building. Leading Group Office and adhere to the building of enterprise culture system of regular meetings, regular briefings on the building of enterprise culture, planning, organization, major corporate culture-building activities, the company staff, funding, venue and other aspects of giving a certain amount of tilt and support.  
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