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Ceo's Note
April 95, Dafeng City airstream the beginning of a spinning factory, Yao Mingxiang was Comrade party committees and governments appointed as the director of the branch secretaries. Faced with a few old plants, over and overgrown with weeds, he led the cadres and workers of the whole plant six months of arduous struggle, in October of that year, installation, commissioning successful in one stroke. The beginning of entrepreneurship, market weakness, business difficult, as a business person in charge, he face up to difficulties, through the analysis of the actual situation of enterprises, to take effective measures and make unremitting efforts to enterprise production and management into a stable development Track, established a "grasp on the market adjustment, credit management and development," the scientific concept. The commitment to reform, and strive to forge ahead, scientific management, pay close attention to product quality, strive to open up the market so that enterprises of the quality of economic operation increase year by year, 2002 could be achieved sales revenue 35 million yuan, an increase of the initial construction of nearly six times.
He keen to charitable causes. The poor students, living alone, the disabled, laid-off workers to give full support and help. In order to living alone to have a happy old age, lack of resolve local financial input, the town government agreed that Yao director of the December 98 town Jinglao Yuan will be incorporated into our plant, done to improve elderly food, maintenance of hostels for the elderly, the elderly rich culture Life, increase in the usual festive pocket money and condolences to the timely treatment of the elderly diseases.
He also absorbed a large number of young people with disabilities and enterprises to work to laid-off workers, disabled workers up to 60 people, distributed in different positions, so that they do some work within its capacity, enhance their self-confidence, an ability to embark on the young people with disabilities The leadership posts.
Enterprise development is inseparable from the high-quality personnel, he had "sent out, please come in" to train a group of professionals, from 98 enterprises from the founder of a textile evening schools, professional schools and Yancheng Textile Joint School, a training A large number of technical backbone for the development of enterprises to provide a strong staying power.
New Haven Textile Co., Ltd in Changzhou Office was established in 2001, with storage capacity of 5,000 tons of cotton yarn and supporting life, communication and other facilities, located in Changzhou Lihua South South store C-8 #.

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