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  Company Profile
Ceo's Note
Quality Commitment
1. Quality Policy:
1)To satisfy the market and serve customers with first-class quality.
2) To ensure first-class product with first-class work.
3) To ensure first-class work with strict and scientific management.
4) To keep improving and progressing.
2. Quality Objectives:
1) All products must be better than internal-control standard. Otherwise products are not allowed to be sold on the markets.
2) Manufacture products that can satisfy the needs of users.
3) Produce world-class products.
4) Previous working procedure should serve the next one. Products which don't meet the quality standard should not be put to the next working procedure.
5) Raw/auxiliary materials which t meet the quality standard must not be used for production.
6) Put strict control on the up-to-standard rate of product and ensure a 100% first quality rate of products.
3. Quality Commitment:
Upon clients' complaints, we can ensure on-site check within 48 hours to confirm losses and negotiate way of compensation until customers are satisfied.
Air spinning cotton, polyester cotton blended yarn of 7-21
Ring spinning pure cotton, polyester / cotton blended yarn of 16-45
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